Construction Advisory Committee Overview

The DeKalb County School District web site hosts reference material on SPLOST V projects and implementation. Among the reference documentation there one can find this overview of the Construction Advisory Committee process. Look for more updates from PGCS on this process and key items for community awareness. Be sure to subscribe to our site to stay fully informed!

Construction Advisory Committee Overview


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  1. OK, now that I’ve figured out how to comment, I will.

    A good presentation last week, and really good questions asked in the followup. A couple of points I found interesting:

    – Members of the construction committee are going to be expected to stay on throughout the process – thus, particularly for the middle and high school ones, there’s another reason to reach out to the feeder schools for the non-school council members – you’ll want to still have people engaged with the school three years down the line.
    – The construction committees need to follow open meeting rules – which means that, if there’s likely an audience (should be for the high schools), they need to anticipate on meeting space. Of course, if they do a good job at this early on, they should need smaller rooms later on in the process.

    This really makes sense, given that the CAC’s are fundamentally a stakeholder communications management tool – they are there to feed info from the planning department to the parents and community, and also collect and represent feedback; they will want as a big a forum as possible, in order to make the communications as effective as possible.

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